Q:  What is your fee for therapy?
A:  $150 per 50 minute session  
      $175 for our initial meeting. 
Psychological Evaluation fees vary (Adoption,      Bariatric Surgery, Independent Medical Opinions for PTSD, etc.).
Q:  How long does each meeting last?
A:   50-60 minutes for most sessions. 
Q:  How can I obtain reimbursement from my insurance company?
A:  Because plans differ, and so you can be fully informed, I ask you to call your insurance company before scheduling an appointment with me. Ask what benefits are available when you choose an "out-of-network provider". You want to know how much of your fee will be reimbursed.   In New York and North Carolina, I will give you a receipt that includes the following information for insurance purposes: treatment code,  diagnosis code, EIN number, NPI number, and my New York or North Carolina license information.  This will assist you with your insurance provider.  It's my clients' experience that most insurance companies partially or fully reimburse for services.
Q:  Why don’t you directly bill insurance companies?
A:  I prefer that whenever possible, sensitive treatment issues and recovery time remain in the domain of my clients’ needs and my expertise.  I want to devote my available time to treating patients rather than navigating the many different procedures and levels of involvement that various insurance companies require.  
Q:  Do you accept credit card payments?
A:  My clients can use their credit cards or pay through PayPal, cash, or check.  I help my clients with this process if it is new to them.

First Meeting

50-min Hour



Online payments can be made via PAYPAL.